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Common Data Set Area

The theme of the conference is 'High Resolution Surveys in Shallow Water'. – Focusing on Science and Emerging Technologies. The approach is to establish a number of prescribed survey areas containing a range of bathymetric and seabed geologic conditions.  For example, water depths ranging from 0m to 25+m, steeply sloping bottom, flat bottom, hard (gravel/rock) and soft (silt/mud) bottom conditions. Suppliers of shallow survey technologies (including but not necessarily limited to multibeam, swath and synthetic aperture sonars, bathymetric LiDAR, etc.) are invited to survey the prescribed areas, creating a ‘common data set’.  For Shallow Survey 2018 we are also encouraging the collection of sub-bottom profiler data. This recognizes that significant seabed engineering work can take place in shallow water.  Also included with the Common Data Set will be satellite imagery from various platforms to support production of satellite derived bathymetry.

The intent is to facilitate a detailed exploration of the accuracy and precision of the hydrographic information derived from the various types of survey data, the methodologies used to collect the data, and science behind the technologies used.  This is not a competition.  It is a forum to advance the science and practice of shallow water hydrography.

For complete details on survey instructions please review the following detailed documents:

Vessel Specs

Shallow Survey 2018 Common Dataset Survey Instructions