Conference Program

Program is subject to change.

Day One

Monday, October 01, 2018
7:00am - 4:00pm Registration
8:00am Opening Remarks Paul Brett, Head, School of Ocean Technology, Fisheries and Marine Institute
8:10am Key note – Genevieve Bechard Hydrographer General of Canada and Director General Canadian Hydrographic Service
Next Generation Vehicle Technology Paul Brett, Head, School of Ocean Technology, Fisheries and Marine Institute
8:30am Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Hydrographic Surveys by TerraSond – Successful Implementation and Benefits Jim Nash
8:55am Looking up – multi-parameter bathymetry via an amphibious, autonomous bottom crawler Arnis Mangolds
9:20am DriX – the future of hydrographic survey Tom Davenport
9:45am Commercially Available High-Speed Towed Synthetic Aperture Sonar Dave Shea, Kraken
10:15amBreak - Exhibitions Officially Opens
Airborne Lidar Bathymetry Christopher Macon, JALBTCX
10:30am Implementation of Lidar into UKHO Survey Contracts David Parker
11:00am Low SNR Lidar Data Processing with Machine Learning Brian Calder
11:30am High-Resolution Airborne Lidar Bathymetry in Shallow Water: Considering Natural Limitations Bob Marthouse
12:00pmLunch - Salon A
Multibeam (Acoustic Signal) George Schlagintweit, CHS
1:00pm Direct Estimates of Horizontal and Vertical Resolution of Multibeam Mapping Systems from 2D Spectral Analysis of Natural Seafloor Sam Greenaway
1:30pm Automated Correction of Refraction Residuals Jonathan Beaudoin
2:00pm The Importance Of Sound Velocity For Multibeam Echo Sounder Operation James Walton
2:30pm Applications of Sonar Detection Uncertainty for Survey Quality Control and Data Processing Giuseppe Masetti
3:00pmBreak - Exhibition Room
Backscatter Processing Shelley Leighton, School of Ocean Technology, Fisheries and Marine Institute
3:30pm A First Step Towards Consistency of Multibeam Backscatter Estimation Requesting and Comparing Intermediate Backscatter Processing Results From Backscatter Processing Software Mashkoor Malik
4:00pm EM2040 Backscatter Normalisation Evaluating Pulse length and Frequency Dependency Craig Wallace
4:30pm Backscatter processing of the Common Dataset delivered by a Kongsberg EM2040 MBES processed by SonarScope Jean-Marie Augustin
Opening Reception
Sponsored by: Kraken Robotics and Marine Institute
Location: YellowBelly Brewery & Public House
Time: 6:00–8:00pm

Day Two

Tuesday, October 02, 2018
7:00am - 12:00pm Registration
7:50am Keynote - Captain Gary Hesling Royal Navy – Hydrographer of the Navy and Capt HM and Lt Cdr Mark Butcher
Autonomous Vehicles (UAV) Cdr RN (Rtd) Andy Waddington
8:10am Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (AUV) for Hydrographic Surveys and Charting Andrew Orthmann
8:40am Very Shallow Survey – Using UAV Photogrammetric data to derive Bathymetry Duncan Mallace
9:10am Sonar Data Integration Means More Than Just 3-D Visualization in SonarWiz 7 David Finlyson
9:40am An Autonomous Vehicle for Ocean Mapping - A Retrospect Derrick Peyton
Data Fusion CDR Sam Greenway, NOAA
10:30am Electronic Charting for a Major Port, Meeting the Needs of the Mariner John Pinder
11:00am Getting Mobile: Evolving Shallow Survey Capability at the British Geological Survey Kevin Ingram
11:30am Exhibitions
Multbeam Processing Veronique Jegat, IIC
1:00pm Using Automated Processes to Increase Multibeam Data Consistency and Efficiency Kevin Tomanka
1:30pm Advancing Hydrographic Data Processing Through Machine Learning Burns Foster
2:00pm Challenges With Bubble Noise Oyvind Tappel
2:30pm Exhibitions
Backscatter Seabed Analysis Dr. Ian Church, UNB
3:30pm An assessment of the benefits of multispectral backscatter for the classification of seabed sediment types Cameron Price
4:00pm Shallow Water Multibeam Data Analysis of Complex Bedrock Geology in Penobscot Bay, Maine Andrew Armstrong
4:30pm Sub-Bottom Profiler technology and data processing in a multi-sensor geo-referenced environment Phiippe Alain
4:00pm (approx.) Hike to the Barachois with Nature Conservancy of Canada – RSVP with Kevin Schulz. Space is limited
Free Evening

Day Three

Wednesday, October 03, 2018
7:00am - 12:00pm Registration
Satellite Derived Bathymetry Jaya Roperez, UNH
8:00am Satellite Derived Bathymetry Helper Veronique Jegat
8:30am SDB Is Coming Of Age Kyle Goodrich
9:00am Understanding SDB: About quality assurance levels in SDB production, and the validity of physics based SDB products over uncharted waters Knut Hartmann
9:30am Recent advances in exploiting the wave celerity inversion methods for shallow water bathymetry Ron Abileah
10:00amBreak – Exhibition Room
Autonomous Vehicles (Method) David Shea, Kraken
10:30am Unmanned Surface Vehicles for Shallow Water Survey Arild Hepsø
11:00am A Data-Driven Approach To Sound Velocity Corrections For Autonomous Surface Vessels David Hardy
11:30am Autonomously Evolving Ocean Mapping: Gains achieved through automated line guidance and force multiplication Chris Malzone
Hydrographic Remote Sensing David Parker, UKHO
1:00pm Canadian Hydrographic Service's Way Forward for Hydrographic Remote Sensing Accurate Shorelines & Satellite Derived Bathymetry René Chenier
1:30pm Coastal bathymetry retrieval from satellite synthetic aperture radar William Perrie
2:00pm Performance Evaluation of Bathymetric Algorithm on Shallow Water using Remotely Sensed Data. Arun Patel
3:00pmBreak – Exhibition Room
Multibem Methods Bill Lamey, Caris
3:30pm Filling the Gaps with Trusted Crowdsourced Bathymetry Ian Church
4:00pm Concurrent Science Data Acquisition During a Hydrographic Survey Steve Wilcox
4:30pm Multibeam Surveying For Multiple Vessels In Remote Locations With Real-Time QC Stephen Fewings
5:00pm Closing Remarks – Kirk Regular, Conference Co-Chair, Fisheries and Marine Institute
Closing Event
Pub Night
Time: 5:30pm
Location: Kelley's Pub, George Street
Meet in Main Lobby